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Business Objects

The SAP Business Objects portfolio provides comprehensive solutions that can empower you to optimize your business performance.

These solutions can help you define your business strategy, close the gap between strategy and execution, and balance risk and profitability.

Its’ suite of products contain functionality to provide for data extraction and gathering from heterogeneous systems, data integration and data quality management, consolidation, analysis, visualization, dashboards, presentation, reporting and distribution, to name a few.

A robust application that empowers public sector markets by delivering the organization tools required by their business processes and resulting business data.

It incorporates the knowledge and experience gathered over the past 10 years as being deployed in more than 25 state financial regulatory and public service commission agencies.

A flexible system capable of adapting to the most demanding environments, the STAR System by ACO supports dynamic, complex business rules that vary by business and agency.

The Microix Timesheet Module is an easy way to automate data entry, track, approve and record timesheet information throughout your organization.

Employees can quickly enter their time for various projects and submit it electronically for approval.

Microix Timesheet is simply a much more efficient way to capture time and labor distribution for MIP’s Payroll. Combined with the powerful features of MIP's Payroll Module, Microix Timesheet will assist in providing a more efficient way of collecting and processing data for MIP's Payroll Module.

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